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9. august 2011

Sommerferien er virkelig begyndt at kede mig meget, så er begyndt at svarer på alle mulige forskellige lister. Lidt sjovt, at sidde og tænker over nogle af de forskellige svar, men også helt lige gyldigt!

Name: Cecilie Nanna
Piercings: 4 in one ear and 2 in the second.
Tattoos: Yes, a few.
Length: My passport says 175cm.
Shoe size: 37,5/38
Hair Color: Blond
Freckles: A bit in the summer period
Do you wish you lived somewhere else? I Love Copenhagen! So right now, this is where I want to stay.
Do you think you are attractive? Really depends on the situation.
Which shampoo do you use? Alterna, Wella and a purple from Davines
What are you afraid of? Losing my family.
Do you like roller coasters? YES.

Last …
…movie you rented? It’s a while ago… I like going to the cinema and last I saw “Hanna”
…movie you bought? Different film about Coco Chanel.
…TV show you watched? How I met your mother……….
…Person you thought about? My Brother

Favorite …
Song: Really depends on my mood.
Thing to do: Hanging out,  snuggle, go to the café, a good conversation.
Sports: Swimming and dancing.
Clothing: Depends on what I’m going to do do.
Film: Depends on the time and place, but it’s not a horror movie
Series: Pretty little liars, Gossip girl and unimportant things like that.

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