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An insight into my

8. august 2011
Food & Bevrages
The best dish? It’s difficult, very variable from period to period.
Best dessert? Cheesecake! My brother makes a really good one and then you can also get a really nice one, at Café Norden in Copenhagen.
Best beverage?  sparkling water. I don’t know, i drink alot of water.
Best alcoholic beverage?  I don’t drink very much alcohol anymore, but before I loved a good glass of champagne or vodka with ginger ale and fresh squeezed lime.
Do you use butter on your bread?  No, since I’ve been quite small, I thought it was too much fat and so I don’t like the taste.
Pick & Mix candy or finished bags?  Pick & mix..
Best soup?  I think that I, make the best tomato soup and then I make a really good Jerusalem artichoke soup…
Favorite ice cream?  Twister
Shopping habits:
How much do you shop for each month?  Most people would probably say I spend too much money .. But I honestly don’t know how much money I spend, it fluctuates a little.
Do you have more shoes than clothes?  No, I can’t say that. But I have too many shoes….
Favourite garment?  I think it’s my white Versace jeans, but I love my chick yellow, oldschool shorts from Weekday.
Favorite color on clothes?  Used to be black, but now I’m started to go with a lot of bright colors
Favorite hairstyle:  Before it was the short haircuts, but it is now, the long hair, I’ll try..
Best pattern:  uhm.. I’m probably most to the simple
Best accessory:  my grandmother’s necklace and my gold wedding rings
Garments you hate?  knee length leggings, i don’t know!

Work & Education:
Do you work or study?  I study at mediegymnasiet in Malmö.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  I want to make movies, take pictures and have the right foot in the creative world.
Do you enjoy your job / your education? I love it, what more can I say .. IT IS THE BEST.
Is salary more important?  It’s always nice to have money to live, but salary isn’t the most important. It’s important that you love what you do.

Do you have children?  nope, not yet.
Is infidelity okay?  No, I think isn’t!
Do you love someone?  Yes! My family and some of my friends.
Does the family mean much to you?  My family is equal to the world for me! My mom and little brother are the best and I would find it difficult to live without them.
Where would you go on vacation?  I spend most of my life in Malmö, but have never been to Stockholm, so I want experience it. I would also like to see Paris and Thessaloniki again .. And I love just to experience the world.
I actually plan a trip right now, for Trinidad & Tobago in February.
Best climate?  About 30 degrees is nice.
Home party or pub? Pub, otherwise I would say clubs. I’ve never really been the home party type.

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  1. 14. januar 2013 17:24

    Yes! Finally someone writes about short hairstyles.

    • 14. januar 2013 17:28

      Trying to, even that my hair always grow and then get short again! Always changing…

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